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A Gentleman's Guide

At Gilda & Pearl, we know size matters…

So discreetly check labels in her underwear garments, or better yet, use Gilda & Pearl’s wishlist to request her size details and a handy selection of her favourite pieces. Then enjoy browsing, because from there the choice will be all yours!

If you’re really unsure of size and want to surprise, choose our more flexibly sized bow knicker and bra boudoir sets. ‘Ava’, ‘Harlow‘ and our ‘Evelyn‘ bow knickers are bestsellers. Aim for something you would like to see her in as well as something she would like. Don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary, she will love you all the more for it!

Remember, all our silk lingerie comes beautifully wrapped in our Gilda & Pearl gift box and we offer worldwide delivery - a surprise in a beautiful package means even more points for you!

Remember we’re on hand to help with any advice you might need, please contact us at

We can also create something completely unique for your favourite girl via our bespoke London atelier. Please email us and we’ll be happy to help with your ideas.

Size Guide

Briefs and Nightwear

For briefs, French knickers and nightwear, please use our size chart below. Following these guidelines will ensure you achieve the most flattering fit. If you are still unsure of which size to go for, just contact us and we'll be able to help you. We may also be able to make a bespoke item just for you for briefs and nightwear, although unfortunately we are not able to extend this service to underwire bras.

Measuring Guide

To find your waist size measure around your body at your natural waistline. The hips are about 8 inches/ 20 centimetres below this, and you should measure around the fullest part of the body. For bust measurement, measure around the fullest part of the bust.

 BustWaistHipsUK Dress SizeUS Dress SizeEuropean Dress Size
  cm inches cm inches cm inches      
S 80-85 32-34 57-63 23-25 86-91 34-36 8-10 2-4 38-40
M 85-90 34-36 63-70 25-31 91-97 36-39 10-12 6-8 40-42
L 90-95 36-38 70-77 28-31 97-102 39-41 12-14 10-12 44-66

Some Points to Remember

Some of our briefs tie at both sides, so they are a great gift because sizing is more flexible.

Briefs that tie at one side come in a full size range, but are generally flexible up or down a size because the ribbon allows them to be adjusted.

Our soft, wireless bras come in sizes S-M and M-L because they adjust with a tie at the back. We recommend that if you are 34" bust or under, choose S-M. Those with a bust of 36" or over should choose M-L.

If you are unsure of your bust measurement for underwire bras, our bra size guide below has more information.

Bra Sizes

To find your bra size you'll need two measurements: a back measurement and a cup measurement.

To find your back measurement:

Measure firmly around your ribcage just underneath your bust, in inches. Make sure the tape lies flat and that it's straight across your back. If your measurement is an even number, add four (eg a 26 inch measurement would become a 30 bust). If it is an odd number, add five (so a 29 inch measurement becomes a 34 bust). You now have your back size.

To find your cup measurement:

Measure around the fullest part of your bust (you might want to wear an unpadded or unwired bra to give your bust some uplift). Again, make sure the tape measuring tape lies flat and straight across your back.

The difference between your back size measurement and this cup measurement gives you an indication of your cup size - choose your size using the chart below.

Difference between bust and cup measurementsCup size
Back and cup measurements are the same A cup
Difference of 1 inch/ 2.5 cm B cup
Difference of 2 inches/ 5cm C cup
Difference of 3 inches/ 7.5cm D cup

Conversion Guide

32A 85A 70A 10A
32B 85B or 85 70B 10B
32C 85C 70C 10C
32D 85D 70D 10D
34A 90A 75A 12A
34B 90B or 90 75B 12B
34C 90C 75C 12C
34D 90D 75D 12D
36A 95A 80A 14A
36B 95B or 95 80B 14B
36C 95C 80C 14C
36D 95D 80D 14D
38A 100A 85A 16A
38B 100B or 100 85B 16B
38C 100C 85C 16C
38D 100D 85D 16D

Care For Your Silk Lingerie

Because we take care to choose the highest quality silks and sewing techniques, your Gilda & Pearl lingerie can last a very long time.

We recommend that you hand wash all items in lukewarm water, using a special hand washing liquid for silks. Turn your garment inside out and leave to dry flat on an old, clean and dry towel. Take care not to use a towel that is heavily dyed as you may risk colour run onto your garment. Iron on a cool heat setting, ideally on the reverse side.

For best results with silk, we suggest that you use a steamer to smooth out any creases that will result from washing or wear – your silk lingerie will look as good as new.

If you must put your lingerie in the washing machine, we recommend that you use a laundry bag. Body lotions and cosmetics, love them though we do, may create marks on silk which are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. We recommend that you at least let any lotions dry as much as possible before wearing your silk lingerie. We also advise caution with spraying perfume on any silk products, as this can leave stains. If you do want to add scent to your lingerie, use a scent pouch in your drawers.


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