We are committed to…

Making every Gilda & Pearl piece as ethically and environmentally as possible, and preserving specialist skills that have been passed down through generations. 

Keeping our carbon footprint and stock levels to a minimum, by working with small, highly skilled ateliers in the EU, where most of our customer base is. Designed by women for women, we work in equal partnership with specialist female-run ateliers throughout the UK.

Using sustainable raw materials at every opportunity. Selection is based on factors such as whether the fabric can last a lifetime, and whether it will biodegrade at the end of its lifecycle. 

Using trims such as French Leavers lace- an incredibly intricate fabric, slowly woven on 19th century lace looms by highly skilled lace-makers. There are only a few of these looms remaining in the world. We think the final product is well worth the wait. 

Ensuring that our feathers, supplied by a specialist, UK-based family business, are strictly a byproduct of the food industry only, that would otherwise be going to waste.

Cutting our carbon emissions by producing in the EU, where the majority of our customer base is.

Ensuring transparency by working in partnership with small, specialist ateliers that we have built relationships with since our inception, know on a personal and professional level, work with daily, and trust implicitly. 

Ensuring, by working in this way, that labour standards throughout the making process are high. At the very minimum, every piece is always produced in adherence with UK labour and environmental laws and regulations, from start to finish and without exception. 

Working with UK-based, family run silk suppliers, who have committed to an ethical code of conduct, in line with our own commitments.

Ensuring all dyeing and processing is at a minimum in compliance with REACH, and using natural, undyed silks for our bridal ranges. Where fabrics must be dyed, this is done in small quantities, and within the EU, wherever possible.  

Looking for new ways to improve what we can do for people and planet, as we grow.