A-List Elegance: Showcasing Gilda & Pearl

Feel the beauty of A-list elegance with Gilda & Pearl, made entirely in the UK in women-owned ateliers. Inspired by golden-age Hollywood glamour, every one of our pieces is as beautiful and unique as its creation process. We are also a B Corp™ certified company, setting a new standard for luxury fashion that is kinder to the planet without compromising quality or style. 

Worn by A-list celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Margot Robbie, and Kate Moss, and featured in iconic fashion magazines like British Vogue, Instyle, and Cosmopolitan, Gilda & Pearl is not just another label for your wardrobe; it is a lifestyle choice for any woman who seeks both exclusivity and eco-conscious luxury. And some of the biggest influencers wear Gilda & Pearl too. 

Who is Wearing What?

With 7.2 million followers on Instagram, Negin Misalehi is one of the high-profile influencers wearing Gilda & Pearl’s sheer silk Diana bra with fluffy marabou trim. Showing her playful side, she is lounging while promoting her new product line. 

Negin Misalehi wearing a feather trim bra
Copyright Negin Misalehi

Next, we have Leonie Hanne, with 4.7 million followers, wearing the iconic Diana robe. Loved by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn and Kate Moss, this silk robe comes with marabou feather trim sleeves and a luxurious silk satin sash. The perfect combination of comfort and glamour, Leonie shows that the Diana robe is the perfect getting-ready look.

Leonie Hanne wearing a white feather robe
Copyright Leonie Hanne
And finally, we have Kylie Jenner, one of the top Instagram influencers with 400 million followers, wearing the stunning Mia feather trim robe, crafted with soft rose silk and ultra-soft feather trim at the sleeves.  
Kylie Jenner in pink feather trim robe
Copyright Kylie Jenner

Current trends in ethical fashion

The fashion industry is witnessing a monumental shift towards sustainable practices, away from fast fashion. As the ethical fashion movement continues to gain momentum, fashion brands are becoming more transparent about their supply chains and production processes, allowing consumers to make informed decisions. 

Vegan and cruelty-free clothing is also on the rise as more consumers look for alternatives to leather, fur, wool, and silk. There is a growing trend for circular fashion, where garments are made using materials and textiles that are renewable, recycled or biodegradable. These trends not only reflect growing consumer awareness but are also reshaping the fashion industry, making it more ethical and sustainable. 

Sustainability vs Trend - Gilda & Pearl is the Best of Both

Sustainable fashion is the future

The enduring appeal of sustainable fashion is becoming more evident today, as it paves the way for future fashion trends. Eco-conscious and ethical practices are now as important as design and quality in the fashion industry. 

Quality over quantity

Every Gilda & Pearl piece represents our ideals—Beauty, Character, and Craft. With these principles in mind, each garment is meticulously designed, sewn by hand using traditional skills and carefully sourced materials, including upcycled trims and OEKO-TEX® silks. Gilda & Pearl pieces are made to last. You’ll see it in every detail. You’ll feel it in every garment.

Support eco-friendly designer brands

Support for eco-friendly designer brands has been on the rise in recent years. Having the choice of eco fashion brands, like Gilda & Pearl, can help consumers make their purchases more kind to the planet, as well as make a difference in ethical manufacturing practices.

Support ethical labour and manufacturing practices

Since Gilda & Pearl began in 2011, social and environmental responsibility have been a core value of our business. We manufacture entirely in partnership with women-owned ateliers in the UK, while ensuring living wages in our production process, and using carefully sourced materials. 

Gilda & Pearl is a B corp certified business with a continuous commitment to meeting the highest standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency in supply chain practices and input materials. 

How to choose sustainable lingerie or nightwear? 

When selecting sustainable lingerie or nightwear, consider these key factors:

Material choice

Choose natural or recycled fabrics that are eco-friendly and crafted using ethical manufacturing practices. Look for certifications like, OEKO-TEX, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which indicate that the garments meet strict environmental and social standards. 

Brand ethics

Look into the brand’s commitment to sustainability, including its sourcing of materials, manufacturing processes, and business practices. This transparency, such as becoming a B Corp certified business, is crucial for verifying the sustainability claims and ethical standards of the brand.

Durability and care

Choose high-quality pieces that are designed with care and passion, and made to last. This reduces the need to frequently replace them. 

Local ateliers 

Support fashion brands that manufacture locally and comply with strict environmental and employment regulations, helping to make a positive impact through lower carbon emissions and fair labour practices.