Gilda & Pearl Certified B Corporation®

Gilda & Pearl is proud to announce that we have now become a Certified B Corporation®, joining the international movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. 

Working with social and environmental purpose has been at the heart of our business since Gilda & Pearl began in 2011. We manufacture entirely in partnership with women-owned ateliers in the UK, ensuring living wages in our production process, and using carefully sourced materials, including upcycled trims and OEKO-TEX® silks. We have continuously committed to the highest standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from supply chain practices to input materials, and looked for ways in which we can improve.

The stringent B Corp™ certification process is unique. Unlike many other certifications, it measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact. With the audit process being so thorough, we’re honoured to have certified with an exceptionally high score of 107.6 against the minimum score requirement of 80, and the industry standard of 50.

Certifying as a B Corp™ is the confirmation of what we’ve been working hard to achieve since our brand began – to use business as a force for good.


What are B Corp™ businesses?

In simple terms, certified B Corps prioritise people and planet in the way they do business - not just profit. They use the business as a means to work together to help build a more sustainable economy. 

The certification process is both rigorous and independent. Certified B Corporations® must meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

B Corp is the only certification that measures the impact of every company decision on both society and the environment. 

Questions? Find out more below.

 1. The B Corp Commitment

As part of the B Corp™ certification process, Gilda & Pearl has undertaken a legally binding commitment to the environment and society, which is enshrined in our  articles of association, registered at Companies House.

Every decision we make - be it about our designs, our employees, our production processes or the companies we work with - must legally prioritise people and planet, not just profits.

The B Corp community uses business to drive positive change and development. Gilda & Pearl is proud to be in good company as a part of this mission. 


2. Certification Process

If a company sources their products in a responsible way, it doesn't mean the company is doing all of their business with the same approach.

Certifying as a B Corp is an extremely rigorous process, which covers all areas of business - Governance, Workers, Environment, Community and Customers. This means that they assess companies on everything from chemicals used in the production process, to the way they treat their employees, communicate with customers, and beyond.

The B Corp logo means you know that company has been thoroughly verified independently, and is socially and environmentally mindful and responsible in each and every business decision.


3. Meaningful And Continuous Commitment 

There are many sustainability claims and certifications out there.

B Corp is unique. Following a rigorous verification process, B Corp companies are required to make legally binding commitments to the environment and society, submit annual impact reports (Gilda & Pearl's first report will be due in 2024) as well as re-assess every three years.

This ensures that Gilda & Pearl will always be held to account, and we will continually monitor our impact and try to improve the way we do business, for the benefit of people and planet. We'll continue to actively measure and work to improve across all areas between now and our next recertification in 2026.

 People and planet have been at the heart of our business since our brand was founded in 2011.

Certifying as a B Corp™ is the confirmation of what we’ve been working hard to achieve since then – to create pieces which are beautiful inside as well as out, and to use business as a force for good.

We are proud to be part of B Corp and to stand with like-minded businesses in the call for change. Being part of this community means we can learn, collaborate and enjoy the rewards of shared expertise.