Atelier Romy X Gilda & Pearl

As we head towards Valentine's Day...

Gilda & Pearl have collaborated with the all-female team and Master Goldsmith at Atelier Romy.

Discover more about the female founders behind the brands below, and visit our instagram for your chance to win the Jardin De La Lune bodysuit from Gilda & Pearl, and the Athena Coin necklace from Atelier Romy - closing date February 14th 2022.

Diane Houston 

Founder and Creative Director, Gilda & Pearl

 Tell us about your brand and why you started Gilda & Pearl

Gilda & Pearl makes luxury lingerie and loungewear here in the UK. We mix retro romance with a uniquely British creative aesthetic to create pieces for the boudoir and beyond - with the ethos that style never goes out of fashion. 

I also created the brand as a force for positive luxury -  all of our pieces are made by female-founded ateliers, we have a strict fabric-sourcing policies, and we are currently applying for our B-Corp certification, for example. 

What does Valentine’s mean to Gilda & Pearl?
Valentine’s Day is a time to think about how much we appreciate those we are lucky enough to love.

Of course, that should include ourselves. This Valentine’s, we’ll be giving a gift or two, but also donning a beautiful Camille silk and robe, and raising a glass of champagne!

What inspired the Jardin De La Lune collection?

The exquisite floral embroidery on Jardin de la Lune is exclusive to Gilda & Pearl, and is woven by French artisans.  We wanted to create something sexy, but also breathtakingly crafted - a true indulgence for the wearer. 

What is your favourite part about the design process?

We have built relationships with our fabric suppliers over several years. I love seeing the creations they develop each season - it always inspires me. 

Why did you choose to partner with Atelier Romy this Valentine’s Day

We loved the thoughtful design and exquisite craftsmanship behind the Atelier Romy brand - and that the brand is founded by a woman with an all-female team.

Who is this collection targeted at?
Jardin de la Lune is designed to be worn for instant glamour…so I would say this particular collection is strictly for the beautifully undressed! 

All of our pieces are designed to create joy, as all thoughtfully made garments should. This collection features exquisite embroidery, woven with the greatest care by specialist French artisans. Each garment is trimmed in pure silk, with 24 carat gold plated adjusters. We love the contrast of the embroideries’ elegant, feminine colour palette against the figure-hugging, fine tulle base. 

What are your go-to Gilda & Pearl staples?

It has to be the Camille and Diana collection - there’s just something so glamorous about slipping on silk, in the perfect shade of blush pink.

Sabine Roemer

Founder and Creative Director, ATELIER ROMY

Tell us about your brand and why you started ATELIER ROMY?

I have been making and designing jewellery since the age of 15.  After a career in the fine jewellery world of over 28years I wanted to create a more accessible jewellery line with the same aesthetics and strong cool fashion elements but precious , amazing quality but with better price points. ATELIER ROMY is just this - I create every single prototype before it goes into production to ensure the best design and quality.

What does Valentine’s mean to Atelier Romy?

We love the celebration of love on this day - not only meant for each other but for yourself as well. And what better idea to celebrate this occasion with our Athena coin, this special goddess who will look out for you.

What inspired the Athena Coin ?
The idea came in the pandemic when I was looking for a symbol of strength, fight and direction. “The Greek Goddess Athena is the perfect goddess with her intelligence, strategy, power and craft. I wanted to harness this formidable energy into a beautiful coin which can act as your own personal armour when leaving the front door; a personal piece of protection, especially during uncertain and tough times.”

What is your favourite part about the design process?

I fell in love with my mothers and grandmothers' jewellery - the stories they told me and what intimate attachment jewellery has to its wearer. I really try to embed this in every piece I design. Keeping stories alive and starting a conversation. Jewellery is worn on your skin so for me the energy, design and quality are super important.

Why did you choose to partner with Gilda & Pearl this Valentine’s Day?

We love the female power aspect of the brand and how much detail, craftsmanship and love are put into each design. You can really see the quality wearing the pieces which makes you feel extra special when putting them on.

Who can wear the Athena coin ?
I really feel that this is a goddess who speaks to everyone; if you need a little help with strength, decision making or guidance into new adventures. She is a strong woman who will stand by you, so you feel like putting your own amour on in the morning before leaving the house. She is quite powerful for everyone.

What is your go-to Atelier Romy staples?

There are so many I wear on a daily basis.

For example the ATELIER ROMY MEGA chain, it's so pretty just on its own but is so versatile adding all our different charms. With so many possibilities of wearing it is just that piece that you end up wearing every day.

Obviously I love wearing the Sabine Chubby earrings a lot as I just think it has the perfect shape which can take you from the day into the night.

Last but not least I always add my Bamboo Bangle and the Knotting Else ring  on, which to me is the perfect never-ending timeless classic which makes a subtle and elegant statement.