Feel Good Glamour

Who makes Gilda & Pearl? 

Every Gilda & Pearl garment has a story.

It all begins with a moodboard of our inspirations for the season. Gilda & Pearl is designed and carefully fitted in London - our all-female design team keep longevity and environmental impact in mind at every step, beginning with the design process. 

The silk in your Gilda & Pearl garment comes from a UK-based, family-run silk supplier, who has been in business for almost one hundred years, and has committed to an ethical code of conduct. The lace in your garment is slowly woven in France, on one of the world’s few remaining 19th century lace looms, by skilled lacemakers whose skills have been passed down through generations. 

The trim, such as elastic, or feather,  has been provided by a specialist, family business - and may have even have been dyed especially for you in small quantities in the UK, in accordance with UK labour and environmental regulations.

Any feathers in your garment are upcycled. Our feathers are strictly byproducts of the food industry which would otherwise go to landfill - without exception. 

Finally, the garment will have been carefully cut by hand by an all-female team in a small, specialist UK atelier. It is often sewn together in its entirety by one maker.

Our lingerie to love is then packed just for you by the Gilda & Pearl team at our London studio.

Thank you for choosing us. We hope you love your Gilda & Pearl pieces as much as we love making them!